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Property Assessment

The provincial government mandates SAMA (Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency) to conduct periodic revaluations of all Saskatchewan properties every four years to coincide with the change to a new base date. Provincial legislation requires municipalities to use these values when determining taxes.

Property Specific Assessment Information Online

In municipalities where SAMA provides assessment services the information for properties is available online for personal or non-commercial use. Visit SAMAView to access assessment information.

The upcoming revaluation is scheduled to be implemented in 2017 using a January 1, 2015 base date. The revaluation will seek to stabilize the assessment system from a governance perspective by not introducing any major changes to assessment policy. However, SAMA is introducing a simplification of the cost approach for residential property to increase efficiency, and to reflect more of an industry standard approach.

For more detailed information on the 2017 Revaluation, see

Source: Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency,

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